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A Small Matter of Destiny is now available as an Amazon Kindle Reader E-Book! Please visit the Books page for more information.

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Small Matter of Destiny front coverAuthor Nicolas Ambrose is pleased to announce the release of his latest work, A Small Matter of Destiny. It is an historical fantasy set in 13th century Sicily. A great deal of research went into the creation of this book, ensuring that the story is both unique and historically accurate. Using vivid and detailed descriptions of place, time, and character, the author creates a mental landscape that will magnetically draw you in and drop you feet first into another world.

And, although the story is completely entertaining in its own right, there are also important lessons tucked within the pages of this classic quest. Nicolas thoughtfully explores the possibility of creating a reality for oneself that does not depend on what others believe is possible. In today's world, bombarded on all sides by those proclaiming that every tomorrow will be worse than today, these valuable lessons are certainly worth considering.

Please click on the book cover, or visit the Books page to read more, or order your own copy of this work.


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